Wireless Fixed Telephone Configuration

A complete wireless fixed telephone, in addition to the phone itself, the handset and wire, but also include:

1. Small antenna One: the line length is generally 3 meters, under the magnet, can be adsorbed on the corresponding object to fix, the signal enhancement effect, can be considered a wireless fixed telephone line.

Note: In general, the antenna should be placed 1 meters to 1.5 meters away from the phone, so as not to affect the voice of the call.

2. Charger One: is a transformer, the role of charging, the use of methods and working principles similar to mobile phones.

Note: The battery in the phone is only to do the emergency, usually the charger should be plugged in, the specific power consumption of one months about 1-3 degrees, this data I have not tested, this kind of phone battery can be used 1 days to 3 days or so, because of quality and different.